April 23, 2022: LOCC worked with city in support of Mayor’s Bike Ride, regular hot tea, traditional herb tea and traditional refreshments were well received by all bikers.
April 16th, 2022: LOCC sponsored and donated $500 in support of LOHS Asian Culture Event
April 2022, Led by Abbie Qi and the team worked with the city of Lake Oswego to present Chinese traditional dumpling wrapping.
Feb 9th, 2022 Organized a joint parent and student community outreach visitation event at the newly relocated Lake Oswego Police Department in the new city hall.
Jan 30th, 2022 : Melody Ren worked with the Lake Oswego Public Library to introduce and present Chinese traditional holidays as well as Chinese tea to the local community.
November and December 2021, LOCC invited two gubernatorial candidates to meet with the local Chinese community.
November 18th, 2021, LOCC board members endorsed the school bond measure this past November.
September 25th, 2021: LOCC and Kerry Yu led the first Lake Oswego Fashion Show to promote fashion, sustainability, and mental health; concurrently, LOCC raised a total of $1500 in support of Miss Oregon 2021
Summer 2021: Over the summer, LOCC engaged with local wineries to invigorate local business through organized on-site wine tasting sessions, blind tasting sessions, and other community events with a broad range of winery owners. One such example is a wine tasting charity event hosted by the LOCC for the LOJHS parent club.
April 4th, 2021, a LOCC virtual town-hall meeting with LOSD school board candidate Neelam Gupta.
March 21, 2021, Held silent protests fighting against hate crimes in three Lake Oswego locations
In 2021, LOCC members are involved in the PTA, School Safety Task Force, and School District Budget Committee.
In the year 2020, the LOCC organized eight virtual town-hall meetings (five city council candidates and 3 mayoral candidates) to facilitate discussion amongst the local Chinese community and increase engagement with potential city leadership. A total of 221 Chinese community members were present over the course of these events.