May 28th, 2023: LOCC hosted "2023 LOSD Chinese-Heritage High School Graduation Celebration".
May 21st, 2023: LOCC showcased Chinese Chess and Chinese tea tasting at an AAPI event led by the city of Lake Oswego.
April 8th, 2023: LOCC presented tea tasting at the Asian Cultural Festival led by LOSH AASU.
March 18th, 2023: LOCC boards approved sponsorship of the Asian Cultural Festival led by LOSH Asian American Student Union.
January 10th, 2023: LO Chinese community began a holiday fundraising event led by LOCC in support of our city firefighters and police officers.
December 7th, 2022: LOCC participated in the information night supporting the LOSD "Mandarin Chinese Immersion Program".
Oct 30, 2022: LOCC hosted the last online town-hall event with candidates running for city council and state house of representatives. A total of seven town-hall events were led by Megan Tian (LHS) and Grace Peng (LOSH).
October 8, 2022: LOCC celebrated the publication of the booklet, "The Chinese in Early Oswego", authored by LOCC board advisor Susanna Campbell Kuo.
September 18, 2022: LOCC participated in the cross-cultural event hosted by the city of Lake Oswego. LOCC presented Wushu, Calligraphy, Origami, Ink painting, Dough Figuring, Fan painting, People sketching on the spot, and Chinese Chess.
April 23, 2022: LOCC worked with the city in support of Mayor’s Bike Ride. Regular hot tea, traditional herb tea, and traditional refreshments were well received by all bikers.
April 16th, 2022: LOCC sponsored and donated $500 in support of LOHS Asian Culture Event.
April 2022: Led by Abbie Qi and the team, LOCC worked with the city of Lake Oswego to present Chinese traditional dumpling wrapping.
Feb 9th, 2022: Organized a joint parent and student community outreach visitation event at the newly relocated Lake Oswego Police Department in the new city hall.
Jan 30th, 2022: Melody Ren worked with the Lake Oswego Public Library to introduce and present Chinese traditional holidays as well as Chinese tea to the local community.
November and December 2021: LOCC invited two gubernatorial candidates to meet with the local Chinese community.
November 18th, 2021: LOCC board meeting held.
October 23, 2021: LOCC participated in the 2021 Halloween event, "Spooktacular," organized by the city of Lake Oswego.